Thank you for your booking!

On this occasion, we would like to thank you for booking a White Bear Family Online package.
We have received your reservation, please use the link below to access your ” My Tabi-Page” login screen. After you have logged in please make sure to confirm the details of your invoice.
Please contact us if you find any mistakes or discrepancies.

■■Trip Day Details■■
・Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to departure at your reserved meeting point.
・Please kindly inform the driver of your booking representative’s name upon arrival.
・There are no tickets required for access to the BBQ area or the onsen.
・Please inform the staff at the location that you are part of the “Senagajima Bus Tour” and also of the name of your booking representative.

■■ Entry Fee・ Notice Regarding Payment Date ■■
In the case that the departure date is imminent, payment may be required upon booking or shortly after Please take this into consideration.
Please make sure to complete bank deposit transfer into the indicated bank account by the date in the 「Payment Conditions」 field.
Important Points Regarding Settlement
You are not able to copy and paste values into the password fields, etc.
If you are not able to login please insert the values directly.

▼▼MyPage Login▼▼
Please let us know if you experience any difficulties regarding login.
Details of Usage for My Tabi Page
▼▼Travel Conditions Document▼▼
↓ Please confirm the following

▼▼Minimum Participant Number ▼▼
Minimum number of participants / 2 people.
If the minimum number of participants is not met then this tour will be cancelled, You will be contacted by the day before travel if the decision has been made to cancel the tour.
On the occasion that there are only a few participants, a jumbo taxi or a sightseeing taxi mayl be used.
*Refunds regarding if the minimum number of participants is not met.
Customers who paid by card will receive a full refund. Customers who pad by bank transfer will receive a full refund minus transaction fees.
Any service charges will have to be paid by the customer. We appreciate your understanding.

◆ Cancellation fees ◆
If the customer cancels their tour after booking has been completed, they will be charged a cancellation fee based on how many days before the trip the cancellation was processed.
10-8 days before the trip: 20% of tour fee
7-2 days before the trip: 30% of tour fee
1 day before the trip: 40% of tour fee
On the day of the trip: 50% of tour fee
Cancellations or changes to bookings will be processed during business hours.
Cancellations or changes made outside of business hours will be processed the following day.
Cancellations or changes made outside of business hours on the day of the trip will be treated as arriving after the tour start, and the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the tour fee.
We accept cancellations by e-mail or fax. Please be aware that, when determining cancellation fees, the cancellation day is the company accepts the cancellation/change.

◆ Participants under 20 years of age ◆
It is necessary for participants under the age of 20 to have the the consent form for underaged participants completed and sent to us before the event date. The form can be located in the latter part of the “My Tabi-page” after login.
The form can be handed in by mail or fax.

Please contact us if there are any queries regarding this.
Thank you for your understanding.