Information regarding the Senaga Island Sunset and Night Tour

<<Notice regarding meeting times and location>>
* Please go to the meeting point as indicated in your confirmation email.
* Please make sure to adhere to the meeting time.

Meet at the Hotel Aquacitta by WBF
Meeting time 15:50
Departure time : 16:00

Prefectural Office, Civic Square
Meeting time : 16:15
Departure time : 16:25

*Buses may be delayed due to traffic conditions.
If you are not able to make it to the boarding location at least ten minutes before departure time, please contact us using the below information.

琉球バス交通 TEL:098-852-2510

≪Regarding Senaga Island≫
Upon arrival at Senaga Island guests are free to do as they choose.
Each facility (Ryujin no Yu and BBQ)
Please notify reception of 「Participants of the Senaga Island Sunset & Night Tour 」 and 「Name of representative」
Please use in conjunction with the details provided at registration.
* Please confirm the details using the form you receive from the driver when boarding.

Please contact us if there are any queries regarding the above.